Sales Integration

Marketing Needs Sales
Marketing does not exist in a silo.  Sales and marketing are part of the same journey.  Sales integration is crucial, as sales teams have insight which can prove extremely useful in defining marketing messaging – maximising resonance with your audience.


Sales teams should be looped into messaging development and review at appropriate points.


Remember, everything marketing works towards ends up fuelling sales conversations – you need to know what your sales team need.

Sales Integration

Integrating a CRM system with marketing automation and other aspects of the marketing process keeps the sales team informed.

Contact information in the CRM is updated as contacts interact with campaigns, website and other marketing touchpoints.  We can configure this information flow to support sales conversations with the maximum of insight.

Business leaders need to think beyond just sales integration with marketing.  Moreover, the full life cycle of marketing-sales-onboarding-support-advocacy should be taken into account.

A well-structured marketing strategy references the immediate sales integration touchpoints, as well as other aspects of this cycle.

Above all, business growth stems from a holistic view of this process – with all elements working together to deliver against business goals.

We welcome the opportunity to bring your sales team into marketing discussions at the most valuable points.  We extract the maximum insight from them and ensure they bought-in to marketing activity through the knowledge that it will furnish them with better quality leads.

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